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Anupam Arora

Hi everyone! My name is Anupam Arora and I am an IIT-trained engineer who has taught math and creative problem solving for over 20 years. I have a passion for mathematics and believe that each child is a gem who should be given the opportunity to excel in math. I come from a family of committed teachers and professors. I previously co-founded TEAMS Math and have taught more than 1,500 students in the past two decades, many of whom have achieved perfect scores in numerous local, state, and national competitions and thrived in top tier universities.

Outstanding mathematical and analytical abilities set students apart in schools, colleges, and their chosen professions. I am starting GEMS to continue to help students reach their full potential – excellence – in math.



Renny Joy   iDanZ

A Software Engineer by accident – but passionate in the art form of contemporary modern dancing.

Since childhood Renny always had a passion for dancing/acting and started getting professional training in his teenage years. For five years Renny was working with a dance company in Chennai as a professional. During that tenure he learnt Jazz/Hip Hop/Latin American/Modern Contemporary styles and also performed in various cinematic/contemporary shows.

Overall, Renny is a very well known Dancer, Choreographer and Trainer in the Metro Detroit area. He presented/choreographed many dance/cultural performances for variety of events organized by Indian Associations around Metro Detroit area.


Renny Joy

Mr.Tejas Karnati

Tejas Karnati has been tutoring SAT/ACT/PSAT to high-school students for the past 8 years. He has taught over 1500 students with many of them receiving acceptances to prestigious universities throughout the country including Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Stanford, MIT, Caltech, University of Michigan, etc. Himself a perfect scorer on the ACT and the SAT, Tejas attended the University of Michigan with a full merit scholarship and graduated with a B.S. in Cell and Molecular Biology, B.S. in Biophysics, and M.A. in Physics. He went on to join the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine with a full merit scholarship to pursue a dual degree in Medicine as well as a Masters in Business Administration. Upon receiving his medical degree, he will be pursuing a residency in Neurosurgery.

Mr.Alvin Madan

Just beginning his career in Information Technology, Alvin works as an IT Specialist for Macomb Community College. His passion for anything technology related is what led to finding his passion for teaching. During his tenure with Apple as a “genius”, he began to teach daily workshops to users of Apple products. After realizing how much he enjoyed this, and the demand from the customers, Alvin switched roles to become a “creative” (trainer) to better pass on his knowledge.

This desire only expanded further into his personal life, becoming a private tutor for friends and family. Alvin has tutored many students, of varying age groups, primarily in mathematics up to the calculus II level, but also computer basics, and the use of Apple products. Wanting to spread his reach further, Alvin is working alongside Tejas Karnati to provide a more advanced and well-rounded math curriculum to as many students as possible in the community.


Vidhi Ghosalkar

Vidhi ghosalkar is a natural orator and a motivational speaker. She founded Finesse Academy in 1998 and she has been conducting personality developments. Since then, she has successfully inculcated confidence and other life skills in many teens in Troy, Northville, Novi, Farmington Hills, etc through her innovative and practical courses. She also coaches in the Troy School District and International academy, Michigan.( All 3 campuses).

Vidhi Ghosalkar

Bryan Wilson

Bryan Wilson’s goal is to increase children's knowledge of the wonderful game of chess throughout Metro Detroit and to show the advantages in the classroom and in life that the game can bring. Mr. Wilson won three state championships as a coach and also finished with a second place in the national championships. He trains three of the highest rated chess players in the nation. He developed a uniquely simplified thinking technique. This technique is called implods and the students that are trained by me called themselves implodians.

Mr. Wilson was awarded with Coach of the year (2013) where his team won the city championship with an undefeated record. Not one player lost a game then that same team went on to win a state championship. The reserve team won a state championship in the reserved section. This was the first DPS team to win in over 20 years. He is also won the Michigan State chess champion (2013) for training the highest rated chess team in Detroit.

Bryan Wilson

Guru Smt.Tripura Sundari Bhagavatula

International performer and choreographer, Mrs. Balatripura Sundari Bhagavutula, hails from the village of Kuchipudi. She comes from an illustrious family of ardent lovers of classical arts, music and dance where both her mother, Smt. Bhagavutula Jayasri and her brother Sri Bhagavutula Sudhakar are exponents in fine arts and her brother Bhagavutula Sudhakar is an exponent in Carnatic Vocal. Tripura, initially learnt Kuchipudi from Pavani garu and then with Sanjeev babu garu. She was also trained in Nattuvangam with Sanjeev babu garu. Progressing there on, she joined Srinivasa Kuchipudi Art Academy of Hyderabad and learnt under Guru Padmasree Dr. Sobhanaidu. After moving to Michigan she has been taking advanced Kuchipudi training under Guru Smt. Sandhyasree Athmakuri in Rochester Hills. Tripura also learnt Carnatic vocal from her brother. Academically she has a Master’s degree in mathematics and currently lives in Novi.

Tripura Sundari

Mr. Joe Varkle

Joe Varkle is a college-level English instructor and an enthusiastic tutor with over a decade of experience working with ESL adults and children. He earned his Bachelor’s degree at the University of Michigan with a dual concentration in Writing and Film. After training under Michigan’s Sweetland Writing Center Peer Tutor Program, he participated in several national conferences on shaping English literacy. He later earned a Master of Fine Arts in screenwriting in Los Angeles, where he spent several years working with film production companies at Universal and Paramount Studios. Now back in his native Michigan, he writes screenplays while teaching essay writing and film studies courses at Washtenaw Community College. Joe most enjoys teaching his students to build strong voices on the page and helping them discover the wonders of literature.


Smt. Laxmi Preethi

Mrs. Laxmi Preethi, software engineer by profession, decided to choose her own passion in to profession as she learned Carnatic Classical music for almost 15 years from great gurus Mr.Neyveli Santhanagopalan, Ms.Akhila, Mr.Shriram Parthasarathy.She is currently working on the higher grade music degree from University of Madras, India. She has been teaching Carnatic Music to kids and adults from basic to advanced lessons for almost 4 years in USA. She is also working on doing classical fusion and commercial advertisements and performances.

She also participated in JayaTV and other satellite channels music competitions and won several awards. Worked with a leading music director in doing commercial advertisements and title songs. Participated in All India Radio Bharathiyar songs competitions.


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