Free Style Dancing

Free Style Dancing for Boys and Girls   iDanZ

Splashes of bollywood, salsa, hip hop, jazz and contemporary styles.

Instructor: Renny Joy

Fees: $180 for 3 months 


Please see the flyer below for a high level overview.

DICE Freestyle

Read below to know more about Free Style Dancing

What will your regular Free Style dance classes be like?

First 10 minutes will be exercises to warm up and stretch
Next 40 minutes
• Will be introducing the kids to basic / intermediate / advances steps based on the age / skill level.
• Breaking down the steps to minute level possible where the focus will be attention to details.
• Putting together dance routines that they learnt for counts and for music.
• Repeating the same steps to different music and adapt to different rhythm.
• Cool Down.

Is there a Dress Code? Any general Rules?

Yes there is.
• I would encourage kids to wear tights or which are stretchable. This helps in bodyline / posture correction if necessary. Loose fits generally cover up the mistakes in body postures. Would appreciate if you stick to Black and white combination.
• A pair of comfortable DANCE appropriate shoes. This shoe should be brought in a bag for it to be worn in the class.
• Girls – Hair should be put up. No Jewelry [Loose chains / bangles ] that disturbs the movement. - Other than water no food allowed inside the class.
• Would encourage bringing a water bottle along. No chewing gum inside the class.
• Respect for fellow students and the instructor mandatory.
• No activity before the class. Eg: Coming from a Karate / Tennis Class directly to a dance class.

How is your class different from other classes?

Since my childhood I always had a passion for dancing / acting and started getting professional training after I was like probably 18 yrs. Around five years I was working with a dance company in Chennai as a professional. During that tenure I learnt Jazz / hip hop / Latin American / modern contemporary styles and also performed in various cinematic / contemporary shows. I DO NOT have any certification in dance that I can show case as of now.

Can I watch the class?

Parent viewing will be scheduled on a regular basis.

Will there be annual recital ? Will I see my son/daughter on stage "soon" performing?

While SOON is very aggressive timeline – My ultimate aim is to build confidence in the kids I train and stage is an important aspect in this. So will be shooting for this. While some of the kids will be showcased like in two months, Some might take 6 months.

Right now I will be using the stages provided by community events that are organized irrespective of languages / groups - as a platform for the kids who are getting trained under iDanZ.

Long term there will be shows arranged exclusively for iDanZ kids.

How long usually Performance based choreo take? What are they like?

With my experience, my estimate will be 25 – 30 hrs spread across two months. They are much more intensive than the regular classes.

Who is responsible for the costume, if there is a performance based choreo?

Cost wise it’s the parent's responsibility. As a dance instructor I will suggest, what is that I am looking for based on the style that I am choreographing. I will direct to appropriate websites and dance rental places to arrive at the costume.

Would like my son / daughter to start dancing in a party / social event spontaneously ? Will your class help ? How long it will take?

Yes, the class that I am putting together definitely will instill more confidence into the kids. I cannot put a timeline behind this, but for sure you will see improvement. There will be a periodic class / session which will be totally on improvising what they learnt so far in the classes and to come up with their own moves. Parents will be invited for these sessions.

My son / daughter is really interested in dancing. As soon as he/she hears music they dance so well. Can you include them in a team who is going to perform on stage in the near future?

I would like to work with the boy / girl before making a call. Definitely it’s a possibility provided I feel they can adapt to the style right away.

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